Second Story Additions

We can help you coordinate the right team of experts for your project – from an architect with and an understanding of local permitting, to a structural engineer and even connect you to experienced lenders.

Maybe you bought a starter home thinking you’d trade up into a bigger space when you had kids. Or maybe your little kids are now big kids and everyone just needs more room. Or, perhaps you always knew your small home was a bit too small and you’re ready now to tackle it.

Bay Area real estate prices can make it cost prohibitive to purchase a bigger home, especially when you take into account changes in property taxes. Our clients find that expanding their existing single story home into two stories can be the best financial decision, while also letting them design it to be just how they want it. 

Kobban Builders can:

  • Engage with you and your architect once you have designs, to help you with cost estimates 
  • Work with you and your architect to assess trade-offs
  • Help you understand the steps of the process and the timeline so you can plan thoughtfully
  • Coordinate with other experts you may need along the way (structural engineer and others)
  • Help you enjoy seeing your new living space come to life

I want my home to be that kind of place–a place of sustenance, a place of invitation, a place of welcome.

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